David Ambrosio/Russ Meissner "Moments in Time" Steeple Chase Records 2016

JC Sanford Quartet "Can You Believe it" - Red Piano Records 2016

Jim Campilongo and Honeyfingers - "Last Night, This Morning" 2015

David Ambrosio - "Gone" 2014 Fresh Sound New Talent

Amie Amis "February" 2015

Jack Grace - "Everything I Say is a Lie" 2017

Terry Winchell "Blue Flower" 2016

Daria Grace and the Pre-War Ponies "Get Out Under the Moon" 2016

Matt Renzi "Rise and Shine" 2014 Three P's Records

Michael Smotherman "King of Brooklyn" 2014

The McCarron Bros "No Moon Train" - 2013 - Sub Tone Records

Rebecca Pronsky "Only Daughter" - 2013 - Nine Mile Records

Sean Smith Quartet "Trust" - 2011 Smithereen Records

Rebecca Pronsky - "Viewfinder" (2011) Nine Mile Records

Matt Renzi Trio - "Happy Hour" (2011) 3P's Records

Live at the Acoustic Grill Jack Grace Band and Luther Wright - 2011

Gowanus Reggae and Ska Society "G.R.A.S.S on Fire" (2010) Mighty Gowanus Records

G.R.A.S.S. The Gowanus Reggae and Ska Society "Green" (2010)

Jack Grace Band "Drinking Songs for Lovers" (2010) Radia Records

McCarron Bros. "Way Down in Brooklyn" (2009) Sub Tone

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Matt Renzi Trio "Lunch Special" (2009) Three P's Records

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Rebecca Pronsky - "The Best Game in Town" (2009) Nine Mile Records
Limited Edition EP

Jack Grace Band - "The Martini Cowboy" (2008) Radia Records

Billy Lester - "Visceral" (2007) Coppens

Matt Renzi Trio - "The Cave" (2005) Fresh Sound

Keith Everett and Orange Morris

Billy Lester Quartet - "Four Into Four" (2004) Coppens

Matt Renzi Trio "Road to Angkor" (2004) Tone of a Pitch Records

Jack Grace Band - "I like it Wrong" (2004) Radia Records

Sean Smith "Poise" (2001) Ambient Records

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Jack Grace Band - "Stayin' out all night" (2001)

Django Haskins "Folding Stars" (1998)