"Moments in Time is a finely textured album where the musical voices complement each other perfectly. Ambrosio and Meissner have penned the majority of the compositions that are rich on melodic hooks and narrative development. This record will put the spotlight on these two highly accomplished composers and players." - All About Jazz

"Moments in Time is an excellent example of music that is both subtle and approachable, played by a sextet challenged by the compositions to create music that has emotional power. This album is well worth getting lost in." - Richard Kamins

"...propelled by drummer Russ Meissner’s expertly accented shuffle grooves. A flick of the cymbals, a rattle of the traps, a sudden gunshot rimshot, he made them all count." - New York Music Daily

"Meissner deserve[s] a lot of credit for making the album [Matt Renzi's The Cave] a success." - Jazz Times

"lays down nice earthy grooves." - Jazz Times

"Meissner's arsenal of percussive and drumming techniques provide the springboard." - All About Jazz

"as comfortable in a textural role as he is a more straightforward rhythmic one." - All About Jazz

"a random variable not averse to throwing his bandmates a percussive curve." - All About Jazz

"Meissner plays with restraint, quirkiness, and a creativity that spurs the others on to new ideas." - All About Jazz